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0:00 Driving to the Mall 1:19 Nordstrom 2:39 Shoe Shine Salesman 4:20 Alderwood Mall Walkabout 6:27 Wishes 8:35 Back in the Mall 9:24 Mysterious Box 11:30 Blazing Onion 13:15 Spencer’s 14:50 Hot Topic 16:38 Tokyo: Japanese Lifestyle 18:53 Miniso 21:15 Alderwood at Night 23:44 The End of the Video My second channel ยป Support me on Patreon ยป Background music provided by Epidemic Sound.

16 Replies to “Big Mall Review – Shopping, Food, & a Mysterious Box”

  1. So surreal seeing a video about a building five minutes away from my house. Didn’t know Wishes had a manga section, might have to check that out next time I’m up there.

    Fun fact: The area with the Dave & Buster’s, Cheesecake Factory, and apartments used to be a Sears.

  2. ive never been to a bad washington mall that i could remember. although i thought the tacoma mall was dumb when under construction. along with the northgate mall as well. but since construction has finished. still a good mall thats quite modern and filled with people

  3. isn’t Miniso a deliberate play on words of Daiso anyway? “Dai” means big or great in Japanese iirc, so yeah the opposite of DAIso would be MINIso (or TINYso lol). Makes sense to call it like that since compared to a store in a mall, Daiso are bigger iirc. But since they’re a Chinese company idk, but it kinda seems they totally copied the brand lol

  4. The courtyard looks almost identical to most reasonably sized city centres here in the Uk, right down to the metal benches and signposts, it’s kinda weird to see it as a feature inside a mall in America tbh.

  5. Even though Alderwood was โ€œmy mallโ€ growing upโ€ฆ I donโ€™t think I ever noticed the name quirk or the parking garages. I didnโ€™t realize it was an above- average mall, but it really set me up for disappointment once I moved down to Tacoma for school and first went to the Tacoma mall- certainly a โ€ฆdifferentโ€ฆ experience.

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