Download the FREE Upside App at to get $5 or more cash back on your first purchase of $10 or more! CHRISTMAS IS LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY!! AND IM STILL NOT DONE SHOPPING!! Go Shopping with me! Christmas shopping for a Family of 20 is NO JOKE PEOPLE!! Help Me find what to buy!! WATCH MORE: #Shopping #ChristmasShopping #Christmas2022 WATCH MORE: LINKS TO OUR FAVORITE ITEMS: OUR OTHER CHANNELS: NEN FAM!! : JUST KASS AND SISTERS!! KENNADEE KAY: CHECK OUT OUR MERCH!! Welcome to Not Enough Nelsons! We Post a NEW video THREE TIMES A WEEK!!! We are the “NOT ENOUGH NELSONS” FAMILY! We are a big family of 18! We always get asked if they are all ours!!? 7 are biological and 9 are adopted! SO YES!! THEY ARE ALL OURS!! We sure love each one of our 16 kiddos! We hope you enjoy our videos! We have had a blast filming them! (except for the occasional meltdowns) Follow along with our crazy family on this great youtube adventure! Our videos consist of Vlogs of our crazy life, Dancing, Skits, and Challenges Etc.! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE FUN VIDEOS! MOM- Tiffany DAD- Benji Kenn- 25 yrs old Kass- 23 yrs old Bridger- 23 yrs old JourNee- 23 yrs old Trey- 21 yrs old Jaine- 19 yrs old LiLee- 16 yrs old SaiDee- 14 yrs old NayVee- 14 yrs old Luke- 13 yrs old PaisLee- 11 yrs old DeLayNee- 11 yrs old PresLee- 9 yrs old ElleCee- 9 yrs old Beckham- 7 yrs old Ledger- 3 yrs Music: final cut pro free music, youtube audio free music, Artlist .io, Bensound, ZapsplatCategoryEntertainment, Epidemic Sound

21 Replies to “CHRISTMAS SHOPPING for my 16 KiDS!! *I am STILL NOT DONE*”

    1. Hey not enough Nelson’s I just wanted to ask if that random guy is actually you guys the name is text me and then a bunch of numbers is that actually not enough Nelson’s?

    2. Hello. I commented on this video and then I got a reply. It said that I “won some camping gear sponsored by the channel.” I don’t know if it’s a scam or not. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks. 🙂

  1. Yes these kids are spoilt but MOST of them seem sweet and great full, well done tiffany your like a super mom!!

  2. I know everyone is talking about how Tiffany is the best mom,I agree but I legit started crying of laughter from the dancing elves in the intro🤪

  3. The first thing you tried to use the to cut the ring paper we have it’s hard at first but then i got used to it it’s kind of hard😊 love your videos

  4. Tiffany I do not know how u do it! I am utterly exhausted after I day with all my 11 cousins! Let alone living with 16 kids!!!!! And u def do it with style!!!! And some how u find time to do so many fun things with the kids! And how on earth u pick so many gifts for all the kids it is absolutely incredible. u r such an inspiring woman! I love your videos! byee!

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