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20 Replies to “Don’t Make These FIVE Mistakes When Seed Shopping”

  1. Luke I received my book you signed. I cried, no one ever has called me their hero. I told you that I suffered 4 strokes just over a year ago. Recovery has been hard, but as I said I didn’t grow anything this past year, but what I will say I’m growing in containers and I’m excited about it. I ordered and received my seeds and now collecting containers. I can’t wait! By God’s grace I survived and I went home. Now I hope to grow big this coming season. Thanks! 😊

    1. God is Good all time time! May you and your garden be blessed! Nothing is going to be more healthier for you than the working, growing and eating fresh veg and herbs!

    2. For gardening in five gallon buckets, have you watched Hollis and Nancy’s Homestead videos. They go from start to finish. I did the potatoes and it worked well.

    3. We are rooting for you Karen! So happy for your recovery and excited for you to grow in containers this spring. ❤

  2. The planting zone map graphic in the video was produced by Home Depot and does not reflect the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones. Sorry for being a nit picky cartographer.

  3. Wow Luke, the store looks beautiful! Great info from one of my favorite gardening channels! I hope you and your family had a very merry Christmas and I hope you have a great new year!🎉😊🌱🌿

  4. Hey Luke, have you thought about selling Howell melon seeds? I can’t find them anywhere, so my aunt sent me some 2 years ago .

  5. Great video Luke. I am so guilty number 1, but it’s ok because I do donate plants. You can grow a 🍉 in containers I have done it and takes time, patience and trellises.

  6. Is NJ in zone 6 or 7?? I have always thought I was in zone 7 here in northern NJ because most growing zone charts that I’ve seen from various sources say that I am. Your chart that you showed in the video {from USDA?} says I’m zone 6 which kind of surprised me. Now I’m not sure if I’m in zone 6 or zone 7? Regarding seed overbuying, when I first began my journey of gardening I was also guilty of over buying, it was due to excitement.

  7. I know you said zones don’t really matter with vegetables, only perinnals. We just have an unusual freeze 8b. I mulched heavily before the freeze, a lot of dead foliage now. When should I
    start the clean
    up to see if the roots are still

  8. Thank you, Luke, for being such an awesome person! You and your team is why I buy seeds from you! Great seeds at a great price from a reliable source! 🪴

  9. thanks for the info on zones, never used them before and didn’t understand them. I don’t usually grow perrenials, so they won’t apply to me.

  10. Thank you for your great videos. I am currently in the gardening phase where I am buying different plants each year to find what I like best, anything I don’t eat my family and co-workers will😂

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