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  1. It’s a good idea grabbing gift sets. Personally, the price of our stuff is pretty cheap but razors kill the wallet everytine

  2. I was able to get the silicone mats and the cookie scoops, plus a few other things including the red totes for 6.98 each, these will hold my mixes and such as I do not have much pantry space. thanks girl

  3. Don’t forget to look in all the different areas of the store. Car, pet, fishing/hunting. Anything that looks christmas is on sale! Got a few boxes of treats for my dogs – the same treats they always get but were on sale because the box has snowflakes on it! Also got a few boxes of car cleaning kits.

  4. I’ve been buying personal care gift sets on clearance for well over a decade. Honestly, it allows us to buy better quality products for far less money. I’m happy you are teaching others about this. I’m going to go check out the kitchenware items tomorrow to see if I can score anything for my daughter’s college apartment. Thanks! 💜

  5. I went looking for post-Christmas deals yesterday. I just grabbed a basket instead of a trolley because I was only really planning on wrapping paper and maybe some ribbons and then urh… things escalated quickly 😅

    My basket was overflowing, literally stuff falling out as I walked around the store which was embarrassing. But now I’ve got gift wrap for at least 2 years, my sister in laws birthday present for next month, 2 bread pans, 5 individual freezer safe pie pans, 6 shelf organising insert things, and a TONNE of satsumas which I’m currently using to make marmalade for my dad’s birthday!

    Those kinda deals are worth the embarrassing shopping experience (although I think I’ll just use a trolley next year 😆)

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  8. We celebrate Christmas on the 24th in Sweden. And I went to dollarstore shopping on clearance on the 24th. 😄 The good part about being single 😁 I guess.

  9. We use only Aveeno..two kid and me due to sensitive skin..thats a great haul..I had no clue about after Christmas sale..thank you

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